Adds a savory depth of flavor with a medium heat level, a unique complexity that makes everything more delicious.


Product Features

  • Sempio Gochujang, made from carefully selected sun-dried red chilies, is a savory, spicy, and sweet red chili paste. It will add a spicy Korean flavor to you dishes, giving them an exquisitely distinct touch.
  • The thick consistency and heat level give it a spicy kick that makes your dishes more special.
  • Great for stir-frying, dipping, marinating and a welcome addition to any food you want to spice up.



  • Rice, water, corn syrup, red pepper powder, salt, soybean, alcohol, wheat extract, soy seasoning(soybean, wheat gluten, salt, spirit, yeast extract, maltodextrin), concentrated garlic juice, koji-starter


Allergy Info

  • Wheat, soybeans


Expiration Date

  • 18 months

Sempio Hot Pepper Paste Classic ( 500g )

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